Budapest 27-28th October 2017

Welcome to the 1st Urban International Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration Symposium

Predictability in regeneration

It is our honor to welcome you to the 1st. Urban International Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration Symposium in Budapest/Hungary, from 27-28th October 2017.

By attending this Symposium you will have a unique opportunity to learn about the most recent scientific findings in the field of Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration from a group of renowned experts. Our guest speakers consist of an elite group of doctors and academics who will share their knowledge and experience, and address questions from the audience.

The event is a great opportunity to exchange views and best practices with colleagues from the dental profession attending from around the world.

The Symposium will be held on 27-28th October, 2017. A day before and after the event, i.e. 26th and 29th October, there will be an opportunity to join several hands-on workshops with a limited number of attendees.

We look forward to seeing you in Budapest this coming autumn! We believe that this Symposium will provide you both the most up-to-date knowledge on hard and soft tissue regeneration and also answer practical questions that may arise during your daily practice.

Last but not least, enjoy your stay in Budapest!

Istvan Urban D.M.D, M.D, Ph.D


Craig M. Misch, D.D.S, M.D.S

After publishing the very first scientific papers on autogenous grafting decades ago, Dr. Craig Misch is considered one of the pioneers in bone regeneration.

Myron Nevins, D.D.S

Dr. Myron Nevins a legend of periodontics who’s vast experience in regenerative periodontics and implant therapy will be well appreciated during this symposium. Editor in chief of International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry.

Kirk Pasquinelli, D.D.S

Dr. Kirk Pasquinelli is one of the leaders of peri-implant plastic surgery and esthetic implant reconstructions in the USA leading his top private practice in San Francisco.

Michael A. Pikos D.D.S

Dr. Pikos is one of leading educators in ridge and sinus augmentation in the USA. Great to have him in Budapest.

Jose Carlos Martins da Rosa D.D.S, M.S, Ph.D

Developing the revolutionary IDR technique Dr. Rosa made esthetic implant therapy more simplified.

Istvan Urban D.M.D, M.D, Ph.D
Dr. Urban is an inventor of the SAUSAGE TECHNIQUE™ and the master of bone and soft tissue augmentation techniques. The author of the book: Vertical and Horizontal Ridge Augmentation.
Hom-Lay Wang D.D.S., M.D.S, Ph.D.

Dr. Wang is #3 world ranked published author, who focuses on guided tissue/bone regeneration in attempts to repair and/or regenerate various periodontal and implant-related defects as well as oral plastic surgery

Giovanni Zucchelli D.D.S, Ph.D
A legend and Master of soft tissues, a professor of periodontology at the University of Bologna. He has received many awards for his clinical research in periodontology and lectures extensively at major international conferences on periodontics.

Why Attend?

This unique symposium reviews all the different cutting edge approaches of reconstructing hard and soft tissue deficiencies.

World-renowned clinicians who specialize in regenerative implant therapy will present their various approaches.

The participants will have a chance to understand and then select the most appropriate technique for their particular patient.

Vertical and Horizontal GBR, major autogenous bone grafting, tissue engineering with growth factors, soft tissue engineering with soft tissue substitutes, as well as diagnosis and management of complications, will be presented in details.

The participants will have a chance to do practical hands-on courses to learn their preferred technique in detail.


The place of our Venue is the Vigadó. The building was opened January 1833 with a grand ball, yet it was also a venue of highest culture. Both Johann Strauss, the Elder and the Younger and Ferenc Erkel (the composer of the Hungarian National Anthem) performed here several times. It was also here that Ferenc Liszt gave the first charity concert following the great flood of 1838 that devastated the city. In 1867 Emperor Franz Joseph attended the banquet here in Vigadó to honour his coronation. Mascagni, Dvořak and Debussy are just some of the long list of people who performed at the Vigadó. As for Hungarians, Ernő Dohnányi had his first solo concert here and Béla Bartók made his debut here in 1905.

The façade of the palace is decorated by the Hungarian Coat of Arms as well as great figures from Hungarian history.

Since Vigadó has hosted such masters of their professions in the past, we thought it appropriate to organize our event in this renowned building with the participation of such people, who themselves are masters in their own profession, Dental Surgery.

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