General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Please carefully read this GTC in which Urbán Education Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság informs the applicants of the Congress about the terms and conditions of the contract concluded by them. By checking “I have read and I hereby accept the GTC” the participants represent that they expressly accept these terms and conditions.

Service Provider – the organizer of the event:

Urbán Education Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

registered office: 1025 Budapest, Pitypang street 7.
Tax Registration No.: 27537796-2-41
Trade Registry Number: 01-09-393759
registering court: Companies House of the Metropolitan Court 
contact: +36204957776 

Data of the hosting service provider:

Participant: the person attending the congress

Place and date of the congress: 21-22 October 2022
Budapest, 12th district, Jagelló street 1-3, 1123, Budapest Congress Center

Place and date of workshops: 20 October 2022 & 23 October 2022
Budapest, 2nd district, Pitypang street 7., Urban Regeneration Institute
Budapest, 12th district, Jagelló street 1-3, 1123, Budapest Congress Center

I.The contract concluded by the Service Provider and the Participant

The Service Provider has unilaterally and previously established this GTC for the purposes of conclusion of several contracts by the absentees without the contribution of the absentees; the parties have not negotiated the contract individually. If you wish to attend the conferences organized by the Service Provider, please, read this GTC carefully and use the services only if you agree with all sections hereof and only if you consider them to be binding upon you. By using and visiting www.regenerationsymposium.com you explicitly accept the provisions hereof as the governing provisions regarding the use of the website.

In order to use the services of the Service Provider and to sign up for the Congress, registration at www.regenerationsymposium.com is necessary. The process of registration is described at the website under ‘Registration’. The contract between the Service Provider and the Participant comes into existence by the voluntary registration of the Participant, by filling-out of the application form, by accepting this GTC and by the confirmation of the Service Provider, and it is deemed to be an electronic written agreement. The effect of the individual contract regarding the Congress in question and concluded by the parties in the abovementioned way is for a specified period of time and it lasts until the end of the Congress.

The Participant shall fully fill out the application form. Regarding Hungarian participants, the contract is concluded in Hungarian, regarding foreign participants, it is concluded in English. By filling out the application form and accepting this GTC the Participant represents that he/she has full legal capacity and he/she is not limited in his/her contractual capacity. During the application the Participant shall provide complete and correct data. The Participant hereby represents that the provided data are complete and correct. By submitting the application form, the Participant undertakes to be in compliance with its content.

If the Service Provider accepts the application form, it confirms the conclusion of such written contract by sending a confirmation to the Participant’s e-mail address provided during registration. Depending on the confirmation, the Participant becomes entitled to attend the Congress and to use other services provided by the Service Provider in connection with the Congress, provided that the Participant has duly paid the costs of the services in full. Based on the contract between the Service Provider and the Participant, the Service Provider provides services to the Participant in connection with the congress and as compensation thereof the Participant pays a participation fee to the Service Provider.

Filling out the application form and accepting the GTC shall be deemed to be a valid application in all cases therefore it creates payment obligations if the event takes place.

The contect of the services provided by the Service Provider within the frame of the congress is defined by the information available on the website of the Service Provider and the congress. The Service Provider may employ subcontractors for the provision of the services and its services may contain mediated services.

The contract between the Service Provider and the Participant is for a specified period of time, it lasts until the end of the congress.

II. Payment terms

The participation fee can be paid by the Participant at the website of the Service Provider by debit card. The Participant shall pay the participation fee via the system of the bank providing online payment via debit card at the website. Following the receipt of the participation fee, the Service Provider issues an invoice which is an electronic invoice and which is sent to the e-mail address of the Participant. If the Participant fails to pay the participation fee the Service Provider cannot accept the application and cannot perform the contract properly. The sent electronic invoice about the dinner is inclusive of VAT. The applications are accepted by the Service Provider in accordance with the receipt order of the participation fee.

Participation fee relating to the participation in the congress is always contained in the application form. The participation fee includes the attendance at the programs of the congress, the refreshing beverages offered during breaks and lunch. It is not possible to break down the fees of the congress in more detail than those specified in the application form.

The Participant has the opportunity to attend workshops, regarding which the Participant’s demand shall be indicated when signing up for the Congress. Attending workshops are subject to a participation fee and a successful registration for the congress as well, and the participation fee includes training and refreshing beverages offered during breaks.

III. Cancellation

The Participant may cancel the contract within 14 days following the conclusion of the contract. Following that, the Service Provider cannot refund the participation fee in the event of cancellation; however, the right to attend the event can be transferred to another person. The Service Provider takes care of the repayment of the participation fee that shall be refunded pursuant to the cancellation, within 8 business days following the effect of cancellation. In this case, the refund obligation of the Service Provider is fulfilled generally via bank transfer. Cancellation may only be made in writing. If the Participant wishes to exercise its right to cancel the contract, he/she may do so by post or e-mail, by referring to the congress and the ID of the application which can be found in the confirmation. When cancelling via e-mail the Service Provider takes into account the date of sending, while in case of a letter post, the date of dispatch. The Service Provider agrees on the details and requirements of the refund with the Participant via e-mail.

The Service Provider is entitled to cancel the concluded contract if the Participant does not fulfil the obligations set out herein, or if he/she does not fulfill such obligations upon request, or if he/she materially breaches the material condition in any other way.

If the Participant transfers its participation right to another person, he/she shall notify the Service Provider of the new Participant’s data.

The Service Provider may cancel the relevant contract via e-mail or by post 8 days prior to the planned date of the congress, in which case the Service Provider only undertakes to repay the participation fee that has already been paid to the Service Provider, and it expressly excludes the enforcement of other claims. The Participant explicitly acknowledges the above by filling out and submitting the application form and he/she accepts that he/she cannot make any claims towards the Service Provider in connection therewith.

In case the Service Provider is compelled to cancel the congress, change its date or switch to online congress due to force majeure circumstances, the Service Provider is not obliged to refund the participation fee, but the Participant is entitled to use it within 1 year when applying for any online or on-site course of the Service Provider. Force majeure is considered to be an unavoidable external cause beyond the control of the Service Provider (e.g. natural disaster, earthquake, fire, epidemic etc., including COVID-19 virus infection, its recurrence, new wave and any resulting restrictions – e.g. entry restrictions, government measures etc.)

IV. Video and sound recording

In order to document the congress and to promote the profession, the Service Provider prepares or have an image and sound recording prepared during the Congress, which will be made publicly available electronically later on. By accepting the GTC, the Participant agrees to the making of a video and sound record that does not violate his/her inherent rights and also agrees to the public disclosure thereof for the purpose of promoting and describing the congress.

V. Insurance

Participants shall take care of travel insurance for themselves. The Service Provider excludes liability for any damages suffered by personally the Participants or by their property.

VI. Supply

The Service Provider may contribute to the provision of hotel, restaurant, catering or other services to the Participants in connection with the congress, however, the Service Provider shall not be liable for the quality of hotel, restaurant or other services that are provided to the Participants. With respect to the above, the Participant undertakes not to enforce any claims against the Service Provider relating to, in connection with or resulting from the hotel, restaurant, catering or other services.

VII. Data protection

The data protection policy of the Service Provider is available at www.regenerationsymposium.com . By registering at the website, the Participant accepts the data protection policy.

VIII. Miscellaneous

The Service Provider reserves the right to change the location and date of the Congress and the circumstances of its organization, and with respect thereto, the Participant undertakes not to enforce any claims against the Service Provider relating to, in connection with or resulting from the change.

The Parties agree that any civil liability of the Service Provider arising from or relating to the performance of this contract shall be limited within the limits permitted by §§ 6:152 and 6:526 of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code. Accordingly, the Service Provider’s liability for reimbursement of any damages suffered by any third party or any Participant in connection with the performance of the Contract is limited to the extent of the participation fee of the congress in question regarding which the damage incurred. This limitation of liability also includes liability for damages caused by the Service Provider in tort. The Service Provider excludes liability for damages arising from the performance of the contract to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.

The Participant can ask any questions or make comments regarding the services by using the contact details provided in this GTC via e-mail or by post. The Service Provider will examine the received complaints within 8 days, during which it may request additional information from the Participant and will send a notification to the Participant about the results of the investigation.

Matters not regulated in this GTC are governed by the Hungarian law, primarily by Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code and by the Hungarian legislations in effect.

This GTC enters into effect on 19th Febr 2022 and it is effective until being amended or withdrawn.

The Service Provider is entitled to unilaterally amend this GTC. The Service Provider publishes and makes available the amendment of the GTC prior to its entry into effect at www.regenerationsymposium.com in the form of a link.

The Service Provider is entitled to employ a contributor to fulfill its obligations and the Service Provider remains liable for the contributor’s conduct to the same extent as if such activities had been undertaken by the Service Provider itself.

If any part of this GTC becomes invalid, it will not affect the validity of the remaining parts.

This document is written in English and Hungarian, in case of discrepancies the Hungarian version shall prevail.

Budapest, 19, February, 2022